HCG Series Gyratory Crusher HCG Series Gyratory Crusher

HCG Series Gyratory Crusher

HCG Series Gyratory Crusher is a new type of high-efficiency coarse crushing equipment based on the introduction of advanced technology from Europe and the United States and the development needs of modern industry, aiming at the specific needs of large equipment in the market. The equipment adopts international advanced technology manufacturing, the overall performance is in the leading position in the industry, mainly used for the primary crushing of materials, can process the high, medium hardness of various materials, has been successfully used in metal mines, aggregate mines, large engineering construction field of many industries.

This series of models can meet the configuration requirements of crushing system with processing capacity of 2000-10000t/h.

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  • Large capacity and low cost crushing

    The key to the production capacity of the equipment lies in the cavity design of the equipment. The HCG gyratory crusher has a fine crushing cavity design to ensure stronger production capacity, larger feed particle size and longer liner life;

  • Intelligent control system

    The addition of the intelligent control system effectively reduces the frequency of equipment overload and ensures that the equipment can achieve greater throughput and lower failure rate;

  • Simpler operation and maintenance

    As a super-large equipment, HCG gyratory crusher is designed with special attention to the convenience of maintenance, and is equipped with automatic lubrication and hydraulic system.

  • Remote Monitoring and Diagnosis System

    Through the Internet of Things technology, the operating status of the crusher can be obtained in real time, such as the load situation, the usage of the liner, and the frequency of failures.

Completely new design


    The high-strength frame design extends its service life, making it safe and trouble-free in the worst crushing production conditions.

	Eccentric bushing

    The balanced design of the eccentric bushing makes the crusher work more smoothly; The eccentric bushing adopts cast copper sleeve thereby having a large bearing capacity and long service life.

Technical Specifications

Model Feeding opening size
Maximum Feeding size
Adjustment range of discharge port
HCG4265 1065 900 140-175 2018-2878 400 3940×4170×6900
HCG5065 1270 1050 150-175 2403-2943 400 4460×4430×7610
HCG5475 1370 1150 150-200 2893-3493 450 4930×4925×8410
HCG6275 1575 1350 150-200 2898-4338 450 5580×5250×9090
HCG6089 1525 1300 165-230 4203-5813 630 5590×5445×10470
HCG60110 1525 1300 175-250 5543-8898 1250 6200×5940×11390

Note:processing Capacity May Vary With Different Materials And Feeding Sizes.

Model Feeding opening size
Maximum Feeding size
HCG4265 1065 900 2018-2878
HCG5065 1270 1050 2403-2943
HCG5475 1370 1150 2893-3493
HCG6275 1575 1350 2898-4338
HCG6089 1525 1300 4203-5813
HCG60110 1525 1300 5543-8898

Note:processing Capacity May Vary With Different Materials And Feeding Sizes.

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