HSF Series Heavy Grizzly Vibrating Feeder HSF Series Heavy Grizzly Vibrating Feeder

HSF Series Heavy Grizzly Vibrating Feeder

HSF Series Heavy grizzly Vibrating Feeder - Designed according to heavy duty working conditions, suitable for feeding large and medium-sized primary crushing equipment in stone, building materials and metallurgical mines. Compact structure, strong impact resistance, external eccentric block design makes the amplitude adjustment of the feeder convenient and quick, independent wear-resistant bar makes the bar gap can be adjusted at will, maximize the granularity of the material entering the crusher, improve the crusher productivity, reduce energy consumption.

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  • The frame is fastened with anti-loosening high-strength torsional shear bolts to ensure the overall strength of the frame;

  • Excitation force up to 4.5G, amplitude and frequency adjustable, better meet the feeding requirements;

  • Designed for heavy-duty working conditions with large capacity, the maximum processing capacity is 2000t/h, the body height is low, easy to arrange, and the maximum feeding particle size is 1.5m;

  • The mechanical vibration unit is designed according to the heavy biaxial structure, gear synchronization, oil bath lubrication, the weight and impact Angle of the eccentric block can be adjusted, and the motor is driven by the flexible coupling;

  • The bar segment is single/double order structure, the bar spacing is adjustable, the spring seat is installed by the pin shaft, and the feeder can be installed at 0-10°Angle.

  • It can be equipped with a second screen to screen the waste material and soil.

Completely new design

  • X-shaped reinforced frame

    The HSF series feeder is specially designed with an X-shaped frame at the connection between the vibrator and the box, which improves the rigidity of the box and meets the rigidity requirements of the equipment under high vibration intensity.

  • Stable rubber elastic coupling transmission system

    The HSF series feeder adopts a direct drive structure with a motor with an elastic coupling, and an optional frequency converter can be used to adjust the speed of the equipment.

Technical Specifications

Model Trough Size
Lendth Of The Bar
Maximum Feeding Size
Application Maximum Processing Capacity
HSF1040 1000×4000 1×1200 700 Fixed/Mobile 400-840 15
HSF1245 1200×4500 1×1200 800 Fixed/Mobile 500-1080 22
HSF1262(S) 1200×6200 2×900 800 Fixed 500-1080 22
HSF1345 1300×4500 1×1200 900 Fixed/Mobile 750-1150 22
HSF1362(S) 1300×6200 2×900 900 Fixed 750-1150 30
HSF1562(S) 1500×6200 2×900 1000 Fixed 800-1320 30
HSF1862(S) 1800×6200 2×900 1200 Fixed 1040-1560 37
HSF2162 2100×6200 2×900 1500 Fixed/Mobile 1200-1860 37
HSF2462 2400×6200 2×900 1500 Fixed 1360-2040 2×30

the types with (S) means you can choose additional sieve layer

Model Maximum Feeding Size
Maximum Processing Capacity
HSF1040 700 400-840
HSF1245 800 500-1080
HSF1262(S) 800 500-1080
HSF1345 900 750-1150
HSF1362(S) 900 750-1150
HSF1562(S) 1000 800-1320
HSF1862(S) 1200 1040-1560
HSF2162 1500 1200-1860
HSF2462 1500 1360-2040

the types with (S) means you can choose additional sieve layer

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