• The stone & rock crusher | Minecraft

    Well, we all need to crush some cobblestone, gravel or sand from time to time. This is because Minecraft has evolved and now requires some of the finer items that we can’t just find laying around in nature.

    Since everyone is trying to automate as much things as they can and create the fastest  growing environment as possible. Knowing  what stone and rock crushers do is of the key importance to build up huge amounts of resources and move forward from there.

    We are going to begin with Stone crusher, being the easiest to make and understand:

    It is a 1×1 block similar to a furnace which will basically crush rocks or any material that is crushable and turn it into ore dust. It is a simple recipe to make; needing only four sticks, four cobblestone and one furnace.  The simplicity of it does come with a price since it takes 32 seconds to crush anything. This may not seem like a lot, but having to waste 64 coal (1 coal per item) and 34 minutes just for a one stack of ore to be crushed can be irritating from time to time. Nevertheless, it is a great way to start multiplying ore and automating its production. It is important to note that this crusher requires a mod Metallurgy 1 or 2.

    The recipe for the stone crushers


    Next in line is the huge (in comparison to the previous one) 2x2x3 Rock crusher, best known from FTB (Feed the beast) modpack which features a lot of mods in general. However, this machine comes from Railcraft for all the hardcore modders to know. As we said it is huge and you need 12 blocks of it to make it. Makes sense when you take its dimensions in consideration 2*2*3…

    You might be wondering what is the difference between the Stone crusher and the Rock crusher? Their names are pretty similar so is their function? Is their recipe? Their power supply ?

    The short answer is no. Stone and Rock crushers are words apart and now we will explain how much they differ and what are the advantages of each one.

    For starters the Rock crushers is really hard to make, especially if you lack the resources or you are just an inexperienced MC player. You will need one Block of steel,  four diamonds and four pistons to make four Rock crusher blocks. So in order to make one functional machine you will have to make 3 instances of four Rock crusher blocks. So we have to give the advantage to the Stone crusher because of its simplicity.

    The recipe for the stone crusher


    Needlessly to say the Rock crusher will give you much more speed when shredding all those ores and you will need either a Loader or Buildcraft pipes for unloading it in a chest of your choice.This is really the part our “Rocky” triumphs. An important thing to consider if you are thinking about building one is that if Buildcraft 3.x is installed it will consume 15 MJ and it will need to be powered by pneumatic power.

    The list of materials you can crush and what you can get from them is huge so whichever one you choose to build is guaranteed to open countless ways in which to expand.

    Happy crushing!